Warehousing and Distribution

We offer our clients the storage of goods in both a cold chain and an ambient environment, with full IT support.

Out of the 13.280 pallets that our warehouse has, 11.900 are in ambient mode, 740 are in cold mode from 2°C to 4°C, and 640 which have the temperature from 4°C to 8°C. We also store non-cleared and domestic goods, as well as goods of animal origin.

With the implementation of the most advanced system of managing all the processes in the warehouse – the WMS system (Warehouse Management System), we are ready to meet all of our customers’ demands at any moment. The WMS operations are performed via wireless RF devices, so that the account review and the current status of the stock can be monitored at all times.


Other benefits of the WMS system include:

  • Storing items in unique places.
  • Traceability of items using the FEFO, FIFO, LIFO, FEFO exit strategies by the lot number or batch, production or expiration date.
  • LogView client application – the application enables the owner of goods to control their own goods and to instruct the warehouse directly, which allows for faster and more efficient execution of logistics services.
  • Placing goods under customs supervision.
  • Alarm system for deadlines, expiration, items without activity for certain periods of time.
  • Connection with the existing ERP system.
  • Production of functional reports, according to the client’s needs (reports of critical expiration dates, reports about items without activity, reports about the frequency of the items – ABC analysis, daily overview of services, stock list, etc.). HBT Logistics offers their clients the possibility to connect different systems using a communication interface or remote control.


Increase of accuracy when picking and preparing orders


Increase of overall efficiency and workflow speed


Full traceability of the goods and materials that pass through the warehouse

Cost reductions

Reduction of the total business expenses on various bases